Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Good evening EVERYONE.

It is I DJ MAKEM dropping off some brand new stuff for you guys to check out!!

First off last week was a complete success! BIG Thanks you to everyone who partied with me and the gang @ Mink Nightclub on Thursday night and Cabana Club Saturday night!!

NEXT FRIDAY APRIL 24TH BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE FRESHMAN CLASS POST EXAM JAM!!! We're kicking off the summer properly by throwing a HUGE jam @ Caesar Martini's in Waterloo. Make sure you check the LINK for all info and make sure you hit me for guestlist!!

Party Link ---->

This week's podcast takes you back to the mid/late 90's. Do you remember when Fubu was cool, and when Wu Wear was in? That's the whole vibe of this Podcast. Look for Bangers from Missy, Nicole Wray and PUFF DADDY, they're all on here!

Podcast Link---->

Thurs: Philthy McNasty's (Hamilton)
Fri: Cartel Clothing Sneaker Exhibit (Toronto)
Sat: Up On Carling (London)

Peace Everyone!

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