Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sexiest Podcast EVER!

This weeks podcast is best described as "Suxy" (a combination of Super & Sexy). Since we are at podcast #69 (the sexiest number in all of the world) I've put together a mix containing some of the sexiest songs ever to be released.

This podcast is split up into 2 sections, the first half is a mix of sexy seductive club bangers, you will hear from artists such as Young Money, Eminem, and Ludacris. The second part of this podcast is MY FAVE! It's a mix of super sexy, super sultry ballads from artists you know and trust!! Usher, R.Kelly, 112 THEY'RE ALL ON THE SECOND HALF OF THIS "SUXY" PODCAST!!

***ALSO*** make sure to check the album art on this podcast, isn' it sex-tastic?

DJ Makem - Podcast #69 by DJ MAKEM

Podcast #69



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