Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Get By-Chain Gang (Official Video)

What's up Everyone? I'd like you guys to check out a project i'm currently involved in. The homies and good friends Mantis, Justis, and Pangea Delphi have recently started a group called "The Get By". If you know these guys, they are true hip hop heads and love GOOD hip hop music. The lead single is called "Chain Gang" and will be followed up with a video within the next couple weeks.

Since it is tuesday, and alot of music drops today, we decided to release this record TODAY as a preview of the upcoming sampler that will drop in a couple weeks. Please take the time to check out the record and leave feedback. DJ's out there, The Get By has also released a DJ PAK for you guys to download (Clean, Dirty, Instrumental).


Make Sure you check out the New Single From "The Get By" (Consists of Mantis, Justis, & Pangea Delphi) called Chain Gang. For more info please check out the website www.thegetby.com

Dowload & Preview Here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/75947179575bd3ff/
DJ Pak (MP3)(Clean, Dirty, Instrumental) Available Here:
DJ Pak (WAV)(Clean, Dirty, Instrumental) Available Here:

for additional info contact
Alex @ atakasaki@acrosstheboardent.ca

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